Debit Cards

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Report a lost or stolen card, 1-800-383-8000.


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Visa Account Updater

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  • Available with any Better Banks checking account
  • No annual fees
  • Get funds from both checking and savings at ATMs
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Use it like a credit card
  • Added security with customized PIN
  • Easier than writing a check

Register your debit card for Brella™, and take advantage of its security features for your debit card. Download the app from your smart phone's app store by searching Brella™, or click Enroll to sign up from your computer.

Set up alerts for your debit card transactions:
  • Over a set amount (set amount threshold)
  • Completed over the Internet or phone
  • Outside of the U.S.
  • Use Transaction Control to block or unblock a card without interfering with pending transactions



Real-time fraud monitoring

Report a lost or stolen card, 1-800-383-8000.

Use your Visa® Debit card for speedy check out





  • Use your Better Banks debit card with the push of a button on your mobile phone.
  • To add your card to your phone's mobile wallet, simply locate the Wallet app on your phone, and follow the instructions for adding your card to the app.

Automatic updates of debit card information to participating merchants when the card expiration date changes.


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